Financial advices of business owners and travers for investors.
Charles-Henri Berbain Partner
Gilbert Ferrand Partner / Financial Analyst
Charles-Louis Planade Partner / Managing Director
Sarah Thirion Partner / Equity Strategist
Maxime Aboujdid Head of Sales Trading
Lionel André Head of Business Development
Daniel Oudin Global Head of UK/US sales
Kevin Bruno Equity Sales
Florent Thy-Tine Co-Head of Equity Research
Florian Cariou Equity Research
Alessandro Cuglietta Equity Research
Jean-Pierre Tabart Equity Research
Auguste Deryckx Equity Research
Corentin Marty Equity Research
Sami Benjelloun Data Scientist
Alice Ayme Head of Corporate Finance
Emmanuel Storione Senior Advisor
Frédéric Lartigue Corporate Broking
Matthieu Bonnet Corporate Finance
Michael Benhamou Partner LCM
Pierre Houri Partner LCM
Mame Konaté Human Ressources
Sylvain Ni Middle Office
Yves-Alain THOMAS Middle Office
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