CONFIDENTIAL – TRANSPORTS Dec 2023 €5M Private Funding
OKWIND Apr 2023 €9.7M Secondary Offering
BUSINESS SERVICES – CONFIDENTIAL Jun 2022 €46m Acquisition of a minority stake
HLD Apr 2022 €47M Bond Issue EuroPP
DIGITAL SERVICES – CONFIDENTIAL Feb 2022 15M€ Euro PP Bond Issue | Bank financing
COFLE Nov 2021 17.2M€ IPO
HLD Apr 2021 €100M Bond Issue EuroPP
DIGITAL SERVICE CONFIDENTIAL May 2019 €85M Bank financing and Euro PP
Xilam Feb 2018 €19M Secondary offering
Solutions 30 Oct 2017 €122M Secondary offering
Pharmasimple Sep 2017 €5M Transfer on Euronext Growth via a €5M Private Placement
Oncodesign Aug 2017 Acquisition of Bertin Pharma’s assets
Wedia Jul 2017 €2,14M Capital Increase
Kerlink May 2017 €21M Capital increase
Xilam May 2017 €10M Secondary Offering
Solocal Feb 2017 Capital increase 399M€
Kerlink Nov 2016 Secondary Offering €8.5M
Orchestra Premaman Oct 2016 Capital increase €70M
Auplata Jun 2016 Capital increase €12M
Figeac Aero Feb 2016 Capital increase €96M
Kerlink Feb 2016 €13M Initial Public Offering €13M
Jacques Bogart Dec 2015 €20M Capital increase
ICERAM Oct 2015 Capital increase €9M
Wallix Jun 2015 Initial Public Offering €10,4M
Figeac Aero Mar 2015 Initial Public Offering €24M
Pepkor Macdan Dec 2014 M&A
Oncodesign Apr 2014 Initial Public Offering €13M
Kindy Feb 2014 Capital increase €4,6M
Plastivaloire Feb 2014 Secondary Offering €6M
Montupet Jan 2014 Secondary Offering €32M
Figeac Aero Dec 2013 Initial Public Offering €17,5M
Streamwide Nov 2013 Capital Increase €3,5M